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While The Hatchery’s classes and events are open to the public, other offerings and discounts are restricted to Members only.

The Hatchery offers two types of Membership to entrepreneurs in the Chicagoland area who wish to use The Hatchery’s incubation services, based on the stage of their business: Level 1 and Level 2.

If you are solely interested in kitchen production space at The Hatchery Chicago, please fill out our Kitchen Space Inquiry Form.

Level 2 Entrepreneur Membership:

Level 2 Membership comes with the full suite of incubator services (see table below for details). Members are accepted based on the following criteria: proof of concept, full-time commitment to the business, all business licensing and registrations in place, operations/production in the Chicagoland area, compliance with regulatory requirements, a minimum of 12 months in official operation with demonstrated sales exceeding $10,000.

Level 2 Entrepreneur Membership is not guaranteed to all applicants who meet the above criteria, and additional information including financials and proof of concept may be requested. Applicants who are invited to join Level 2 Membership can opt to participate in Level 1 Membership if they do not desire the additional benefits.

Level 1 Entrepreneur Membership:

Entrepreneurs who do not meet all the criteria for Level 2 Membership will be considered for Level 1, which comes with all the basics of Level 2: 50% off classes, free networking events, coaching, discounts from Hatchery partners, and much more. See table below for more details. 


Entrepreneurs who live or produce in Garfield Park, West Humboldt Park, North Lawndale, and Austin are eligible for a community discount of $250 on Level 1 Membership. Community entrepreneurs must apply using the form below and pay the $50 application fee to be accepted as a member.


Level 1 Entrepreneurs must still have their operations/production in the Chicagoland area. Applicants who were accepted and joined as Level 1 Members can apply to upgrade to Level 2 Membership by re-submitting their application and $50 fee after 12 months.

BenefitsLevel 1  Entrepreneur MemberLevel 2 Entrepreneur Member
Application Fee$50$50
Annual Dues$250$400
50% off classes and seminars (excluding Starting a Food Business)
Free Networking & Speaker Series Events
Access to financing opportunities
Four free coaching appointments with Hatchery Network Advisors and Mentors*
Twelve free coaching appointments with Hatchery Network Advisors and Mentors*
Four one-hour consultation appointments with The Hatchery Team per year**
Access to The Hatchery's Service Provider Database
Discounts on Goods & Services from Hatchery partners
Invitations to exclusive industry events
Opportunities for paid speaking engagements
Strategic connections, industry referrals, & opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs
Access to data
Opportunities to participate in markets & sampling events at free or heavily discounted rates
Opportunities to participate in trade shows & special industry events at free or heavily discounted rates
Human resources and employment services (including internship placement opportunities)
Inclusion in The Hatchery's entrepreneurial community
Occasional promotion through The Hatchery's media channels
Love from The Hatchery!

*Coaching Appointments are $10 per hour when free appointments have been used

**Hatchery Team Consultation is $40 per hour when free appointments have been used ($60 per hour for non-Members)

Ready to Join the Community?

Cornerstone Class

Starting a Food Business

Are you are in the early concept stages of starting a food business? We highly recommend you first take our Starting a Food Business class.

Not an Entrepreneur? You Still Belong.

We invite other individuals and companies that would like to become a part of The Hatchery community and support our social mission to become a Network Member.

This membership is designed for service providers, investors, media correspondents, corporations interested in the food space, and food enthusiasts who are actively invested in contributing to our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Hatchery also offers opportunities to be listed in our internal Service Provider database, to lead by teaching, and more. 

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    Join as a Network Member

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    List in Our Service Provider Database

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    Learn about Teaching & Coaching Opportunities

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