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Supporting Entrepreneurs and the West Side Community with Hatch-Made Meals

Hatch-Made Meals is a grant-funded program led by The Hatchery Chicago that contracts local food entrepreneurs to provide free chef-crafted meals to people on the West Side.

The program has three goals:

  1. Provide a stable source of nutritious, locally-crafted food to West Side Chicagoans experiencing food insecurity.
  2. Establish a sustainable revenue stream for local food entrepreneurs.
  3. Create accessible career opportunities for culinary jobseekers.

If you have received a Hatch-Made Meal, we would appreciate your feedback on the food and your menu requests for future meals. Share your thoughts here.

How does the program work?

Paid work for food entrepreneurs: The Hatchery entrepreneurs apply to participate in the program. Hatch-Made Meals works with  selected entrepreneurs to cater donated meals weekly. These contracts will allow them to hire or retain staff and keep growing their business.

Community access to chef-crafted meals: Once entrepreneurs prepare the meals at The Hatchery, West Side non-profit partners distribute them to local community.

Where do the meals go?

The Hatchery Chicago operates with partners to distribute meals with Breakthrough Urban Ministries. Entrepreneurs will deliver them directly to pick-up sites.

Learn more about the organization we're currently supporting here. If you're interested in getting involved, click the button below.

Projected Impact:


Meals distributed in Year One


Revenue generated for entrepreneurs


Food Donation Days


West Side Neighborhoods Served

Have you received a Hatch-Made Meal? Let us know what you thought of the food!

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