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Networking Events

Our monthly networking events are a great place to get started. Here you will meet and learn more about our Hatchery community. These events draw in a mix of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

You'll connect with Hatchery team members, sample products from our entrepreneurs, and decide if our network is one you'd like to contribute to! Keep an eye out for our next networking event, and register before it sells out. 

The Branch Network

In joining our Branch Network, you will:

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    Be listed in our internal database as a Preferred Vendor

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    Gain free access to all of our networking events

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    Receive a 50% discount for seminars and classes

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    Get invitations to industry events

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    Get exclusive information on up-and-coming trends and innovation happening right here at The Hatchery

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    Opportunities to coach or lead workshops for Hatchery entrepreneurs

The funds help support our mission to provide training and job opportunities for those in Garfield Park and the surrounding underserved communities.

Benefits of joining The Branch Network

50% off classes and workshops (except Starting a Food Business and Fundraisers)
Free tickets to Networking Events
Free and/or discounted tickets to related events (artisan markets, community events)
Invitations to exclusive industry events
Strategic connections and business-building referrals
Inclusion in ICNC | The Hatchery + Make City’s entrepreneurial Service Provider Database
Opportunity to gain exposure via Make City and The Hatchery incubators
Opportunity to launch specialized classes and coaching sessions for the entrepreneurial community
Quarterly Incubator Updates and Industry Expert Networking opportunities
Invitation to The Hatchery’s Sprout Graduation Tasting Panels
Exclusive Industry Trends Report
Unique industry insights and access to emerging brands before launch to market
LOVE from ICNC | The Hatchery + Make City!

Let Us Help You While You Help Food Entrepreneurs

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