Why The Hatchery is Right for You!

Types of Membership


If you are in the early concept stages of starting a food business, we recommend you take our Starting a Food Business class.

Entrepreneur Member

The Hatchery accepts Entrepreneur Members based on the following criteria: proof of concept, consumer demand (based on our trend analysis and reports), evaluation of entrepreneur background/skillset, full-time commitment to the business, all business licensing and registrations in place, compliance with regulatory requirements, and a minimum of 6 months in operation.
* Membership is not guaranteed to all applicants, and additional information including financials and proof of concept may be requested.

Network Member

We invite individuals and companies that would like to become a part of the Hatchery community and support our efforts to become Network Members. This membership is designed for service providers, investors, media correspondents, bloggers, corporations interested in the food space, and food enthusiasts. Entrepreneurs who do not meet the Entrepreneur Member requirements are also encouraged to join.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The Benefits of Membership

50% off all seminars and workshops
Free access to networking events
Strategic connections
Access to financing
Discounted services from The Hatchery’s partners (includes data, trade shows, job postings, marketing, etc.)
Community of like-minded entrepreneurs
Innovation Hub
Access to The Hatchery's resources
Two free consultation hours with The Hatchery Team
Discounted one-on-one consultations
Mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and specialists in the field
Access to event space and promotional opportunities