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Natalie Shmulik is The Hatchery Chicago’s CEO, and the go-to resource for everything food business related.

Along with an M.L.A. in Gastronomy from Boston University, she has a wide range of experience working with supermarkets, culinary publications, consumer packaged goods companies, and foodservice establishments.

After successfully operating her own restaurant, Natalie was hired as a specialty consultant for one of Ontario’s largest supermarket chains where she enhanced consumer experiences through educational initiatives.

Discovering her passion for innovation, Natalie was brought on as a brand strategist for the first cold brew tea company and later moved to Chicago to run The Hatchery Chicago.

With over five years of food incubation experience, Natalie has gained a unique perspective on the industry and what it takes to launch and grow a successful business.

She was recently featured in Forbes and continues to play a valuable role in branding and marketing for food businesses around the country, with her specialty in trend forecasting.

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