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Launch your business in 6 months with personalized support and coaching

Dreaming of starting a food business, but not sure where to start? Join the Sprouts Incubation Program; a six-month program developed by The Hatchery Chicago to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and drive your business from idea to reality.

This program is for dedicated entrepreneurs that are looking to launch or are in the very early stages of developing a food truck, consumer packaged goods brand, catering company, or food service concept.

During this six-month program, entrepreneurs will solidify their business plans and prepare to launch their products. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and your program begins on the date your dues are paid.

The Hatchery will provide the tools, guidance, and resources necessary to develop concepts into fully-hatched business plans with conducted market research, one-on-one coaching with Hatchery team members, and a launch date.

If you have already launched a business and have growing revenue and proof of concept, please explore our advanced Bloom Membership.

Program Rates

Application fee: $20

Participation fee: $300

Program Benefits:

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    Finalized business plan

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    Opportunities for direct market research with launched products

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    Two private consultations with The Hatchery Team

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    50% off classes and free access to Hatchery Networking Events

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    Access to four free core classes and two supplemental classes

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    Two to four free coaching sessions with Hatchery Network Advisors and Mentors

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    Access to capital and connections via our Service Provider Database

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    Assistance with competitive analysis

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    Opportunities to participate in markets, trade shows, and sampling events at free of heavily discounted rates

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    Occasional promotion through The Hatchery’s media channels

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    Love from The Hatchery!

"Joining the Hatchery was a godsend for my business. From concept to launch to scaling, I eat up everything I learn at the classes, starting with "Food Business 101" and then classes on everything from accounting to launching on Amazon. I also love the successful entrepreneurs they bring in to speak: invaluable learning and networking opportunities, and it's incredibly motivating to meet food entrepreneurs who "made it", like the CEOs of RXBar and Barnana. The one-on-one sessions with experts in all areas of the industry are mind-opening and have led to further connections and benefits. I feel I've learned more from the past year at the Hatchery than I have anywhere else in my life." 

Emily Griffith, Founder, Lil Bucks

Apply to the Sprouts Program

Interested? Get started by filling out this application. As a next step, our programming team will reach out you to in 3-5 days for a one-on-one consultation.

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