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Covid-19 Updates and Resources

Hatchery Facility Operations

Updated May 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM.

We are open and operational for essential businesses only. 

Our facility is still open to kitchen users. All of those at the facility who can not maintain 6-foot distance from others are required to wear masks, per the Governor's revised Stay-at-Home Order.

We will have security, front desk and one kitchen supervisor on-site at all times. We have implemented new policies and protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Events, in-person classes, in-person meetings, and networking have all been postponed or moved to a webinar format (see below).

We’re here to help! The full Hatchery team is online and available for emails and calls. 

We will update you if any of this information changes.

Hatchery Programming and Events

Times are changing and like our members, we've tapped into our entrepreneurial spirit to pivot our typical programming in order to continue providing educational support to our community. We are shifting all of our programming to webinars until we can host events in the facility again. See all upcoming classes.

Please direct all questions and inquiries to our Member Request for Support form.

We are working to support your business and are dedicating time and resources to doing so. We may be delayed in getting back to you.

Health and Safety Guidelines for Hatchery Residents

We can help lower the risk of contraction by adopting stringent behaviors. Below is a list of what actions our team is taking and what we would like you to do. Please continue to contact us with questions, suggestions, or concerns. 

What actions The Hatchery Chicago team is taking:

  • We will either postpone meetings or switch to phone calls. We will not be conducting in-person meetings until further notice. 
  • We are carefully tracking the situation and will be updating information as it comes from government officials and public health authorities.
  • Health and sanitation are and will continue to be top priorities.
  • We are rigorously following protocols encouraged by the CDC and City of Chicago.
  • We have added several hand sanitation stations, soap, and paper towels throughout the building. 
  • We are working closely with our food safety specialist, Kristie Grzywinski. If you would like to book a consultation with Kristie to get advice on your business, please contact us at info@thehatcherychicago.org.

What actions we ask you to take, starting with closely following CDC guidelines for businesses and employers. The information below draws heavily from that and is specific to our building:

  • Everyone at the facility that cannot maintain a six-foot distance from others at all time is required to wear a face mask.
  • We ask that anyone coming into the building immediately wash their hands upon entering.
  • Bring onsite only the personnel you can’t direct to work remotely in order to minimize occupancy. See that those remote workers get the tools they need to remain productive.
  • Cancel visits, meetings, and other non-critical in-person meetings. We are doing this at our level, too.
  • Practice social distancing: Avoid gathering in groups, leave a six-foot separation between you and others, and don’t touch one another.
  • Wash your hands upon entering the building and regularly throughout the day. Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to kill the virus. 
  • Change any meetings you can to phone calls or virtual meetings or postpone to later dates.
  • Note that we will be asking visitors whether they are experiencing any symptoms of sickness and collecting more contact information than before. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures at the front desk and help us follow them by directing your staff to do the same.
  • Continue to practice all the cleaning and hygiene procedures and other preventive measures outlined here.
  • We have stepped up the cleaning and sanitizing of common areas. Please do the same in your individual spaces and educate your staff on these expectations.

We will update these guidelines as we have more information. 

Guidance and Best Practices for Communicating with Customers

At a time like this, customers are looking to deepen their connections with brands that gain their trust. Here are a few tips to consider to build trust with your customers right now:

  • Consistent communication is key
  • Use this as an opportunity to share key pieces of information about your brand, including how you are supporting your team, what precautions you are taking to insure safety of your product, and how you are looking out for the wellbeing of your followers.
  • If you have online sales, consider offering a special discount so that customers can have items delivered to them while practicing social distancing.

Here is some language directly from CDC that you can share with your followers to provide relief around ordering food products online:

  • “Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food. Before preparing or eating food it is important to always wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds for general food safety.”
  •  “In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.”

Here are a few examples of effective brand communication to inspire you:

Team Management and Business Support Resources

Resources for managing your team:

Resources for strengthening your business:

Reporting the impact of this public health crisis on your business:

  • To share your information with the state's DCEO, click here.


Personal Wellness Support

We understand that this is a trying time for many of you both personally and professionally.

It is important to take care of yourselves and find ways to alleviate stress and encourage positive thinking. With every major challenge, there are lessons to be learned and opportunities to explore. 

This is a great time to explore new business channels, refine your business plan, and develop new strategies.

We encourage you to use this time to take care of yourselves and your businesses by remaining active and enlightened.

Here are some resources to help take care of yourself and your business.

  • Surround yourself with positivity and avoid mental isolation. Call and connect with loved ones digitally, explore hobbies that bring you joy.
  • Try meditation.
  • Use simple breathing techniques for relaxation such as Box Breathing.
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